A visual catalog of art works available through Striking Distance. Including works presented in our exhibitions, past and present. We will also offer a number of other artworks and editions for sale.

Striking Distance accepts major credit cards.

Use the / ORDER FORM to purchase and we will email your confirmation.

All prices are for unframed work. The works may also be purchased framed per specifications, if requested, at an additional cost, plus shipping and handling.

Please fax or email the ORDER FORM and we will prepare an invoice itemizing the total sales amount for the order. We will include applicable taxes, shipping and handling, and framing, if requested.

Fax: 661-254-5826, call 661-255-9030 or email Striking Distance Galleries for more information.

Oshin Saginian works from $400 to $1,200
All works are monotypes (ink on paper)
Melanie Smith works from $650 to $3,000
Installations and mixed media
Ann Collier works from $125 to $200
"Perfomance Anxiety", Stills from a video
Sam Durant works at $300
Collage on photocopy
Amy Russell works at $450
"Fictional Portraits", "C" print
Marnie Weber works at $125
Collage, a lyric booklet, an audio CD: "Cry For Happy",
a special instrumental tape, a photo album, "Sleepy Time"
eyeshades, and a surprise toad!
Mark Ergazos works from $250
"Certain Work", C prints
Lynne Henkel works from $120 to $2,000
"Plants and Animals",
Drawings - Ink jet on rice paper
Sculptures - Celulose, wood, plaster, pigment
Norm Laich works from $1,000 to $2,000
"Liquor Store", All paintings enamel on canvas
From 48" X 37" to 48" X 96"
Phil Ruting works from $80
"18 Oktober 1995"
VHS video (NTSC), 4 :10 minutes
Kevin Young works from $550
"Florida Fresh," Sculptures are wood, paper, ink, paint
Michael Coughlan works from $150 to $2,500
Sculptures - mixed-media
Drawings - pen on paper
Leonard Bravo
Fermin, 1994, 9"X12", plaster, acrylic, varnish on canvas $350
David Humphrey
Show-off Cruelty, 1991, 66-X54", oil on canvas NFS
Mark Johnstone
1993, mixed media installation.
Canum Memoria, NFS
Canum Pictura $750 (photograph, "necklace with tags")
Canum Summa Summarum $3500 (framed triptych with lightbox; Stand with 66 viewers)
Margaret Lazzari
Self-portrait as "Madonna and Child ", 1996, 48-X36", oil on canvas $3500
Lauren Lesko
excerpt from Babette 's Mouth, 1995, video work in progress 30 min. edition of 20 $300
Vito Lorusso
Dog, 1996, 12"X8 1/2", ink on paper $100
Michael Lewis Miller
Selections from The Incomplete History of the 20th Century: Photo Album Archives, ongoing photo album collection, C Prints 8 1/2-X11", Single image: $250. Three layers, single person: $600. Complete work - Three layers, three people: $1500
Christian Mounger
Luxor Las Vegas Love Children, 1996, NFS
Tyler Stallings
While They Talked About Girls, I Thought Ahout Nietzsche, 1993, 48-X96", fabric banner $800
Peter Zokosky
The Dionne Quintuplets, 1991, 40-X48", oil on canvas NFS