C3I MAGAZINE: Beginning as a bi-monthly, with monthly updates, C3I will utilize the full array of multimedia Web capabilities to present articles, essays, columns and discussions.

EXHIBITION AREAS: Each month we will present two solo exhibitions and one artist curated group exhibition. The emphasis will be on artists who are emerging, merit increased visibility and are under- or un-represented. The exhibitions run for two months and thus overlap new exhibitions opening the following month. The range is broad, the quality high, the presentation in depth. The artists are encouraged to take maximum advantage and control of the situation within the technical capabilities of the site. We encourage acquisition. Artwork may be purchased directly from Striking Distance.

TEST SITE: This feature will focus on the presentation of multimedia and internet specific projects.

STUDIO VISIT: On point and in-depth, these artist interviews and discussions will be conducted by artists. This regular feature will offer users a choice of audio, quicktime movies or text formats.

PERSPECTIVE: What it was. What it could be. How it became what it is. How they saw it. How they see it. How they did it. Up close and in depth with art world figures who were there and can tell it like it was.

ARCHIVES: An index and complete documentation of past issues, articles, interviews and exhibits. Available on audio tape, video, CD-rom and would you believe text.

THE WAREHOUSE: A visual catalog of art works available through Striking Distance. The works presented in our exhibitions, past and present, are available for sale. We will also offer a number of other artworks and editions for sale. Striking Distance is a secure site and now accepts major credit cards.