A Robbie Mescudi Joint

For a Working-Class Television:
The Miners' Campaign Tape Project

by David E. James

"D" is for Drawing

by Gerry Smith & Bernhard Huwiler

Impossible Monkeys / Possible Imps

an analysis of Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys

by David Colosi


Playing Golf

by Kent Young

Editorial Notions

Michael McCurry

Shall We Kill Daddy

Mike Kelley

A Conversation

Ed Suman


People Who Drive Volvos Can't Drive

Kent Young


An Interview with Patricia Faure


Post Election Note: The Crips and the Bloods
H. R. Shapiro

Aquinas, Aristotle, Art

Ed Sarkis

New" Repetition

Sande Cohen

Internet Au Lait Dot Com
Gerry Smith

At Hand: The Tactics of Feminist Media Practice
Holly Willis